Friday, January 21, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some Fun Things I Found in my 2010 Journals

In non-chronological, topical order.

+(dead flowers)
+(a credit card I found at Lake Michigan)
+(ticket stub for a strip club in Ulan Bataar called The Seoul Club)
+(Ivan Albright postcard)
+Gerson Goldhaber
+"Love is the infinite placed within reach of a poodle." --Celine
+To sit in this dim and complete silence is a singular pleasure. Even if the restaurant stinks like horse shit.
+If you fart in a sulfur pit, is the fart still dealt? It smells like a fart here.
+Fritos smell like fucking feet.
+Einmal ist keinmal
+(A Vehicle ID Number )
+Youth lateral to existing fixie market. (Clearly I'd been in a business meeting...)
+terra damnata
+I am the fucking tower of Babel. (Yes, I was drunk. The writing is blurred.)
+I'm insane.
+Insane // Exsane
+I think I have ADD
+I need to figure out what I want.
+I want to make out with someone on a train one day.
+If you hold me in the guise of something other than what's here is it lying low.
+What's killing more Chinese people?
+Which came first, night or day?
+Tooty Toyota
+Imperfect as we are.
+By the time I have children, it'll be OK to name a kid Adolf.
+Unassuming millionaires
+Is Dad gay? I love champagne. (sic)
+good memory good memory good memory good memory
+I want to die. I want someone else to do it.
+I feel good.