Monday, September 19, 2011


I have too many blogs and not enough readers. No one's fault really. Just too many blogs. Lately I'm most active on Twitter, and as stated earlier, have dedicated my Tumblr to more serious writing, but whereas Blogger was the domain of my sense of humor, it no longer feeds from Giant Robot (where I still guest blog), and frankly, I can be funny anyfuckingwhere I want to be.

So if it please the court, follow me on Tumblr instead, or Twitter. Or Giant Robot, or at my office, where I'm funny AND non-caustic.

Or add this to your library:

More. Soon.
I had an incredible unblock of my writing hand (the right) late Thursday night. What ensued were pages of content, interpretation and form. What emerged was the rest of a narrative.

Heartfuck. Coming soon.