Thursday, August 11, 2011

Social Life in New York City

I'll be honest, and by honest I mean I'll be arrogant and pretend to be apologetic about it by saying "I'll be honest" though really I'm rubbing this information in your face in an attempt to climb the social ladder giving you full frontal of my upskirt and then bam another shock: I'm wearing shorts, not sexy underwear, thereby double-vindicating my social position by having the cake of social ascension and eating it too, by disdaining the race itself.

So I'll be honest... What makes New York City so special is a day like today:
I was able to walk from my apartment to a late afternoon lunch with renowned graphic designer Chip Kidd at an Italian restaurant that serves handmade pasta, just a few tables down from Fareed Zakaria.

This combination of elements isn't really possible anywhere else in the world.

p.s. We had so much fun catching up Chip emptied his wine carafe into his salad, mistaking it for his glass. Laughing at the clear signs of a midday drinking problem is also something that only happens in New York.


ARE YOU THE NEXT ACE? from Imprint Lab on Vimeo.

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