Monday, September 24, 2007

60 minutes

Editorial note: thank god. It wasn't Mike Wallace. It was Scott Pelley. (I didn't want Wallace to be the bad guy here.)

Mike Wallace gave THE WORST interview in interview history last night, and with the worst person to have a bad interview with - Iranian premier Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Other anti-Americans are going to eat this up.

I know technically I am eating this up, but my anti-Wallace rant doesn't mean I'm an anti-American. I do realize he was interviewing a Holocaust-denier (so please don't send me weird hurtful emails about my loyalties).
But to further my anti-Wallace interview rant:
1. Wallace was condescending. Flat out.
2. He didn't ask a single question about the Ayatollah, or domestic affairs, which is the widely acknowledged populist president's nominal responsibility since said Ayatollah is the de jure leader.
3. "If I were President Bush, what would you say to me?" followed by, "I talked to President Bush and he asked me to tell you..." is the worst interview thread ever. Second-hand diplomacy on national what's supposed to be a watermark establishment of tv journalism??

Has TV journalism become an oxymoron?


Anonymous said...

that wasn't mike wallace, it was scott pelley

ill iterate said...

thanks for the heads up anonymous. i looked up mike wallace later in the day and realized of course it wasn't him who interviewed Ahmedinejad. i actually RECOGNIZE MW, but i didn't recognize Pelley.

i feel silly for confusing them, but i watch 60 minutes so rarely...oh who am i kidding, i just didn't bother trying to make any disctinction. to me the interviewer's name is "60 minutes."

thanks though, again. nothing as embarassing as ripping the wrong guy a new butthole.

Aaron Stewart Ahn said...

Obviously recent events have shown Ahmedinejad to be a fruitbat (or merely blithely ignorant as a product of his culture) but he is no idiot. I agree, this was one of the worst interviews I could've imagined conducted with this man. I've never seen Pelley but the flat out biased nature of assumptions about the man persists right out the gate - it sounds like a journalistic invocation to war, or better yet, as if he was caught on Dateline's To Catch a Predator. Imagine that one: Chris Hansen's to catch a nuclear power. "I'm Chris Hansen... What are you doing with those fuel rods and deplated uranium?"