Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Herro. My name is Anne Ishii and I am the latest addition to the blogroll known as Giant Robot Dot Com. Here's a picture of me in my new "office" also known as the mud room behind my new backyard in my new apartment in my new neighborhood of Red Hook Brooklyn.

I just took this picture with the Photo Booth program in my newly requisitioned MacBook that was originally purchased by my old employer, Vertical, Inc.

My new employer is me. I'm a full-time freelancer now, after years of selling you books and consumer friendly feminish, asianish, comicsish shtuff via newsletters and social butterflight. I now sell consumer friendly parts of me from a corner. It's all brand new.

So suffice it to say the theme of my life now is novelty, freshness and the unknown. But none of that is to be confused with naiveté, virginity or the dark.

Just new.

(I'm realizing now that in the background of this picture is a birthday candle I got from an old intern, but it looks suspiciously like a vibrator. Or at least like my vibrator.)

I will do my best to at least make this news-oriented, so you'll come back. For starters, everyone, regardless of residence, should make a habit of reading the best newspaper out there.


DETACH said...

So um... you live in REDHOOK now? Icky thump. I lived there for a year-and-a-half and grew to hate its drunkass/overdrugged populous... not to mention the trek to the train... but anyway, I'm sure your place is spacious enough and cheap enough. I live on Union St these days... what's new, My Prints?

morelikespace said...

Dear Ms. Ishii,

I was referred here by a colleague/professional contact of yours. He said that he found my future wife. I would like to know when you will be moving into my house.

Yours truly,


mochi said...

As to Red Hook, I saw a recent edition of Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern which featured New York. He visited three locations, but the most interesting food-wise was the Red Hook Ball Park (May thru Oct. 13 each year).

My main reason for commenting was to ask your permission to use your photo above. I contribute to a blog (theanimeblog.com) and am doing an article which features some recent interviews...in your case, it is an interview with bookslut.com while you were still with Vertical. I have mentioned that you have moved on and have provided a link to your blog. If you like, I can send you a pdf of the article. You may reach me at mokasako (at) macsrbetter.com.

Either way, thank you for your time and attention. I have enjoyed your posts on Vertical's blog as well as your current one.

Ed Sizemore said...


I'm glad to see you have a new blog home. I really missed my daily dose of your humor and insight.