Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I was at my sister's recently, where I came across an old issue of Allure magazine, and what to my amazement...a nude-op of Chloe Sevigny! It's an "empowering" feature not necessarily meant to titillate, but then Sevigny let's the shoe drop and suddenly radical feminism (which is more like traditional feminism now) has run its course. Quote:

Nobody says, "Oh, look at Chloe. She has such a good body," she explains. "So it'll be nice for once to have people talk about something other than how I dress or the roles I choose."

Has anyone seen that episode of Arrested Development where Lindsay first agonizes that her dad only cared about her looks, and then agonizes that none of his prisonmates wants to sleep with her?

It'll be nice to be noticed for my looks and not my talents??


Though to be fair, I don't disdain her for being honest. I have been at least as facile in the war between "good personality" and "good looks." I disdain Allure for using THAT as Sevigny's pull-quote. Besides, if I judged Sevigny by the roles she chose, I'd say she likes giving ugly dudes blow jobs.

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