Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ninja My Ninja

This is not supposed to be funny, yet it can't help but be hilarious.

"A ninja-clad burglar was sent scurrying from a Staten Island kitchen early yesterday when the homeowner stabbed the samurai sneak in the shoulder.

Phil Chiolo said he had just gone to bed when he heard what sounded like a pan hit the kitchen floor about 1 a.m. in his Jefferson Ave. home in Dongan Hills.

'When I got into the kitchen, the door was jimmied open," Chiolo said. "To my surprise, there was a man standing there dressed in a ninja costume, with nun-chucks and everything. All I saw was his eyes.'"
(NY Daily News)

Ninja. That's definitely a word for the day. I propose we all replace the words, "nimble," "silent," "masked," "dangerous," and "fighter," with "ninja." If you are uncomfortable with incorrect word agreements, just add "ninja-like" to the end of any statement describing the above replacement-words.


assholier than thou said...

my new favorite show:


Basically a repackaging of japanese obstacle course game show "Sasuke", which i am 99% sure does not translate to ninja warrior.

it is refresshing, however that they left the original japanese audio in , and have subtitled the show, although with the insane physical challenges going on onscreen, there is hardly any time to pay attention to reading the play by plays....

ill iterate said...

This reminds me of that show from the 1990's where regular athletes competed through obstacle courses against bodybuilders with Greek god-like names.
I think it was called Gladiator...

Also, Sasuke is part of the name of a famous acrobatic martial artist from way back in the day, who used ninja arts before there were ninjas. It definitely doesn't translated to "ninja warrior" except by synecdoche, so I guess it'd be like if an archery contest show were called "Robin Hood."

assholier than thou said...

they're back!!!


ill iterate said...

Oh my God.

(viz: Tobias Funke from "Arrested Development") LET THE GAMES BEGIN!