Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Chamillionaire's onto something

This reads more like The Onion than The Village Voice:

There have been stories about the NYPD's Hip-Hop Cops[....]But who has seen these cops, except for the rappers they've tailed?
It was a rare treat when members of the phantom unit materialized outside the West Village club S.O.B.'s on September 18. After a concert thrown by, two men in their thirties accosted an up-and-coming rapper and told him to come with them. When he resisted, he says, the men—one white, one black—flashed badges and identified themselves as members of the "hip-hop police."
One possible reason for the police presence might have been the eleventh-hour addition of Remy Smith to the concert lineup. Also known as Remy Ma, the Bronx-based female rapper is charged with shooting her best friend this summer outside Manhattan's Pizza Bar.
This makes sense, according to retired NYPD detective Derrick Parker, who founded the unit and later wrote a book, The Notorious C.O.P., that outed it. Parker says that before any major hip-hop event, the Hip-Hop Cops devise a game plan.

"Freeze! It's the hip hop POE-leese! Drop that microphone, biotch...ISAIDDROPIT!"
I picture undercover hip-hop cops wearing the wrong clothes - hiking boots from R.E.I. instead of Timberlands, hotel room shower cap instead of a Du-rag - saying the wrong things - "blang" instead of "bling," "Higgins" instead of "magnums"...

It's almost as bad as Christian hip hop.

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Nate Shockey said...

When I first read it, I thought the hip hop police were just be other rappers who took it upon themselves to smackdown MCs with weak raps. Sir you are under arrest for the crime of rhyming ""rich" with "bitch." hip hop! po-li-seeeeee!