Wednesday, November 21, 2007

MSG - Man it's so Stinkin' Gooooood

I decided all I'm going to talk about today and tomorrow is food and give myself both a challenge and a break from real blogging.

Had Setagaya Ramen for lunch today in the East Village, where commendations were high for their MSG-free natural broth. Their shio ramen (salt broth) is apparently made with Vietnamese sea salt instead.

I'm going to say something that will blow your mind:

MSG is a naturally occurring substance in sea kelp and algae.

So all those commercials for the new Campbell's Soup where they talk about sea saltiness making their "low sodium" product even tastier than ever, are actually telling you it has some monosodium action going on. And you know what? It's ok man. MSG took on a beastly persona with everyone freaking out about heart disease and blood pressure (god, remember all those blood pressure machines at your local pharmacy? Whatever happened to those things?). But high blood pressure and heart disease are as much the fault of shitty habits like smoking and working too hard, as it might be Happy Wok's dinner combination. You see any arm squeezy doohickies at your local chigae jip?

I wonder if this wasn't an American government conspiracy?

Anyway, next time someone gives you hootenanny about Ajinomoto or the tub of MSG on your Korean restaurant table, just say, "hey, it's essentially sea salt. Besides, at least I don't got sugar-betes." (Best neologism ever. Thanks SNL.)

I'd like to add that the real cake-taker in re: healthy-ish fast food is a ramen broth made entirely from vegetables and kalamata olive oil. I make it with sea salt, yes, but kalamata olive oil really makes it. That, a lot of sesame seed and a good noodle, and you got yourself a real healthy soup.

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lazysundae said...

setagaya's too freakin salty. i know it's salt broth but damn!