Thursday, November 15, 2007

This story's a few days old but I'm lost for entertainment and it still makes me laugh. The headline alone:


The whole report is so noir, and birding is such a joke. Yes, it really is (I have a really long story about stuck up birders from Brooklyn but it's been told before and I've hated enough on the BK for 2007...suffice it to say birders are another chip on my shoulder).

As if that weren't enough, I went into the subway recently and there was an old homeless man feeding teeny tiny kittens his leftover leftovers, also begging for money. I actually teared up. Not because of the destitute man but because of the poor kittens. (I'm kind of a cat person.)

Anyway, you can imagine how much more entertaining this trial of the murdering birder is for me now. I almost want to give it the whole '50's noir treatment.

Then Mittens scrawled under bridge, assuming a safe position, but the man came out of nowhere. The man with binoculars and the steadiest eyes in the game. He had his gun pointed at Mittens and they both knew it was aimed for keeps. 'This is bird country,' the man said, and shot Mittens...execution style.


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