Wednesday, December 19, 2007

street monster

I try to be nice, folks. When I see someone trip and fall, I don't laugh. I pick 'em up.

But this afternoon, I was waiting for my lunch to go order when I came across a flyer for a Japanese Hip Hop Night in the East Village, and I started laughing...hard. For you see, one of the featured sets is of:

Street Monster.

I'm trying really really hard to be nice, but this guy is just begging for ridicule. What kind of evil person lets their friend start a career in music as...

Street Monster.


DETACH said...

How do we know this "monster" is even human? He could be one of those space aliens floating around Japan! You know, because they "exist." Or no wait, they are "not yet confirmed." Errrr... they don't not really not sure maybe so do exist???

ill iterate said...

Nice, Christopher. When we all know this is actually you.