Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Dentsu versus Biegel, part 3: The brothel-happy CEO is also an anti-semite.

But how do you use bias to disdain bias? The ex-Dentsu America creative director claims Dentsu Corp. uses "token Jews" to placate the chosen employees; to stay a toe ahead of equal opportunity employment.

"Defendants have openly discussed firing Mr. Fidoten, as well as removing his responsibilities," Mr. Biegel said in the statement. "Mr. Fidoten is quite literally a token Jew, presented as a fig leaf to hide the simple fact that Mr. Andree and his fellow gentile managers have in one year eliminated every Jew in the creative department at Dentsu."

Reminds me of the Biden "Obama's a clean cut guy for a black dude" gaffe.

Uncle Tom if you do, Uncle Tom if you don't. [BTW, how long has it been since I saw the word "gentile" used in a non-secondary, contemporary context?]


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