Thursday, January 3, 2008


I finally re-discovered a word I'd long forgotten: the definition is "a word without context," or, a word that appears only once in a given tome, be it the entire English language, the works of Shakespeare, The's a Hapax Legomenon. (And no, if the word is re-uttered in the context of its description as such, it does not make it a non-Hapaxism.)

Anyway, having scratched that itch I soon came up with a great neologism that I hope will not be a Hapax Legomenon in this blog or the English language. Maybe it can be an Omni Legomenon (is my Latin accurate?).


I'll give you a second to ponder its meaning.

Ok. Masausage, is a massage of the sausage, aka a "hand job." But doesn't it feel better in the mouth to say "masausage"?

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