Tuesday, March 4, 2008

But who will censor us from the censors?

Chief Censorer of the Japanese porn ethics organization, Katsumi Ono, has just been arrested for failing to adequately hide sex organs with blurry-square-mosaics on two DVD titles.

One reason he might have let it go au naturel:

The Nihon Ethics of Video Association has been rapidly losing members as adult DVD companies, under pressure from censorship-free Internet porn, migrate to new orgs with looser standards. In the past two years, DVD shipments by NEVA companies have declined by 40 percent. Desperate to halt the decline, the org has evidently winked at its own obscenity guidelines --- and drawn the attention of the police.

A copy-editing observation: I don't know if abbreviating "organization" with "org" isn't too inviting too much allusion. And it's funny to think that of the two, Japan ostensibly has the tighter standard of porn over the internet.

There's a great scene in one of the Frederic Boilet comics in which the protagonist, joking about these censor mosaics, comes up with the idea to put product placement over sex organs instead.

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