Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I forgot how much I used to love collecting stationery (I used to own hundreds of different pens and pencils until high school when I decided I was an "adult" now and threw them all away). Then recently I came across this pen at an office supply near NYU. Remember this guy? I found myself staring at this thing smiling.

It makes me so happy to use this because:

1. It is the perfectly designed pen. Everything from the little globe at the top like it's a percolator, to the softness of the edges on the clip and the retracting ink levers, and the blue (or orange) case color, and my love for this pen notwithstanding, I for one believe the bic logo is one of the best in the world - a ball point-headed manicon with a shrimpy body. Well-designed products that are this cheap make you want to use them a lot, but well.

2. It's so "nostalgic"! I mean, I don't remember having such a love affair with this pen in my previous incarnation as a collector, but it looks so permanently vintage. Like cat-eye glasses or mary janes.

Love it.

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