Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weeeeirdest Use of Astro-Boy

Sunset Park is half Mexico City, half Beijing (and my new favorite ethnic enclave in Brooklyn). Look it up. It rules, and almost makes up for the white versions of "ethnic" Brooklyn that oppress me so. (BTW, who came to Fairway and got them to sell MILD non-Napa cabbage kimchi exclusively? You're going down, my friend.)

Anyway, on my way home from SP, I saw a van COVERED in copies of the above poster. Note Astro-Boy in the top right corner beaming a slogan from his left astro-arm.

"Siguen los super Bailazos"

ii Praytell Spanish-speakers, what does that mean !! Because from what the internet tells me the night club that made this poster has little if nothing to do with robots, manga, or Tezuka.

The El Rodeo Night Club MySpace page.

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