Thursday, April 3, 2008

txt mess age

I can't think of anything more spontaneously meta than the phenomenon of text message jargon. It is ubiquitous and hip all at once. And making fun of it is ALREADY old.

Even ironic anti-Al Gore/environmentalism asides took a few months to surface. (I'm talking about how last year any democrat who turned on the a/c had to preface with statements to the effect of "I don't care if Al Gore hates me for this but I'm turning on the a/c.")

Text message jargon. You say that phrase in any context, say it anywhere, just blurt it out Tourrette's style, or sarcastically spell out loud "lol" or "ttyl" and I guarantee, you will get at least one pair or rolling eyes.

Text message jargon is just acronyms, as most of us know, and I personally don't think it represents any sort of digital laziness. If anything acronymizers are proving how friggin' boring our diction is. We say the most predictable things, and our rote phrasing spreads faster than (insert slut celebrity of the moment)'s legs.

All that to say, you know the party's over when The Wall Street Journal has written something about it.

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