Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This makes me depressed.

Before Marketers:

After Marketers:

When Dieter Esch began looking at the players on the LPGA Tour, he quickly figured out that something was missing. He sensed they always appeared out of place . . . swinging nine-irons, hitting out of bunkers, putting cross-handed on the green.
So Esch decided it would be a great idea to put the golfers in something different, something the casual public does not see them in, at least up to now. Like bikinis. Like lingerie. Like evening gowns. "This was perfect, to show the world there are sexy, athletic women who can play," said Esch, who is using his company and his clout to turn seven female pro players into model citizens.

(From The LA Times)

Ugh. Women golfers looked fine the way they were. Jeez.

I understand that sexy-ing up women helps turn heads, but marketers, if you really want to attract viewers to womens sports, SHOW THEIR MATCHES ON TV. ANY OF THEM. Complaining about low ratings is like complaining no one's bought your tamale recipe.

"What tamale recipe?" You ask.
My point precisely.

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Deborah said...

If I had my old lady druthers, she wouldn't be showing off her pelvic bones in that first shot either. But don't get me started...