Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cross Culture

Exhibit A from The LA Times:

Randy Newman’s getting his apologies out of the way early. His new album, “Harps & Angels,” isn’t out until Aug. 5, but he knows he’s going to take some hits for the song “Korean Parents,” a portrait of race relations as played out in public education.

Korean parents for sale
You say you need a little discipline
Someone to whip you into shape
They’ll be strict but they’ll be fair

Exhibit B from Playbill:

The new Broadway production of the landmark musical West Side Story, directed by librettist Arthur Laurents, will begin previews Feb. 23, 2009, at a Nederlander theatre to be announced, the producers confirmed July 16.

The production "will introduce the unprecedented element of selectively weaving Spanish throughout both the book and songs," according to the July 16 announcement.

Sorry, Korean parents.
West! Side! Story!!!

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