Friday, July 11, 2008

Curious Neighborhood Things

Gene Simmons is signing books at the B&N on Fifth and 46th today, near where I'm office-sitting. What first caught my attention were the people waiting outside the store -- a hodge-podge of pasty-looking KISSers young and old, but some of them are like 12 year old girls. I must have missed something in the news. And yet, the line's not as long as I'd have predicted. 20 deep?

Then again, maybe he's not coming in till late tonight.

Anyhoo, appropriate for the celebrity in question I suppose, but walking past the line on my way to the office I saw the grossest thing ever:

Middle-aged woman in line, seated on her butt with knees up, wearing cut-off jeans...commando. Bearded seam, y'all...


Speaking of bygone music stars, Hot Water Music at Terminal 5 on Saturday? It has been an age since I heard the name, and it's weird to feel nostalgic for college days, of all the things...Oddly, I feel good about feeling older, more distant from the nebulon of early adulthood. Full-fledged is the way to go.

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