Friday, July 25, 2008

Digital Comics on the Wii

Manga on your Wii. Another reason to get Anne that Wii she's always wanted (every time there's an upgrade like this).

The new manga platform is available only Japan now, but its existence probably means it can easily be manipulated into American consoles.

Other cross-platform ideas:

Draconomicon on xBox. We've all seen glimpses of role-playing in MMPRPG in computer games (I'm sure I'm mis-acronyming that), just as the Wii has demonstrate anime in their genetic makeup. If Wii can publish old school static manga in their proto-futuristic console, by Jove xBox should be able to publish the Draconomicon. Also, The Book of Elves, and The Bard Book, but not the Player's Handbook as that would be unfair advantage.

Bible DS. Also The Devil's Advocate (DS). You ever notice some of Bible-references are equal numbers evangelizing and refuting contemporary Christianity? (e.g. "It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!" "'Take of my flesh?' what are you, a cannibal?!") Why not make a game of it? It's a glorified digital debate, but at least you'll look cool with it in the subway.


Anonymous said...

I thought you're in SD

ill iterate said...

I am! Sorta. In a couple hours I'll be on the floor.