Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Nickel For Every...

Brooklyn Love-Hate Story of the Week:

WITH a trunk full of cod, brisket, blackberries, arugula and antifreeze, Alan Harding drives down Smith Street, past American Apparel, past the Michelin-starred restaurant Saul and past Patois, the bistro he helped open 11 years ago.

Back then the neighborhood was a more likely destination for drug deals than dinner. Patois, where he was the chef, is often credited with seeding the culinary flowering of Brooklyn.

Does he ever quietly congratulate himself and say, Hey, I made this street?

“Naw,” he answers with gruff bravado. “If we hadn’t done it, somebody else would have. But I just wish they’d thank us instead of chasing us through the streets with pitchforks.”

From The NY Times.

I'm sorry, did he really ask if this guy says to himself in self-congratulation, "hey I made this street?" What is this, The Godfather?

Seriously though. The epistemology of Brooklyn is disproportionate to how cool it is. I'm a major perpetrator of Brooklynology because I miss Manhattan so much, but that's it. No more. I am forbidding myself talk of The Other Borough after reading this ridunculousy self-congratulatory and condescending article.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes after I get off the toilet, I'll congratulate myself. I'll whisper, "Hey, you made this shit" and a single tear-drop would roll down my left cheek.

ill iterate said...

hahahaha i cry every time i fart, because i can't believe it's dry.