Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm probably really late to this but the People's Improv Theater has a live talk show about comic books that looks worth checking out.

Can't help it snark: I'm tempted to start bets on how long it will take for a totally irrelevant actress to be the guest star talking about being an extra in the next Sin City, but because this is NYC I'm sure it's just as likely Penguin will launch its inevitable yaoi imprint here.

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Red Pooka said...

Well, you could amend the policy to ban anyone who uses the ungrammatical "y'all." That would effectively remove all the Southern women, possibly decimating their ranks. Add "proactive" to the ban (the word should be banned), and you effectively wipe out all rich white northern chicks, which leaves the Orange County peroxide contingent and Mormon ladies in Utah, which would be really funny.

Well, funny from a hair perspective. Have you ever seen middle-aged Mormon housewife hair? Like Mitt Romney hair, only on steroids.