Wednesday, August 6, 2008

top 5 asian phalluses

(In no particular order)
1. The "bachelor" radish kimchi:

I'm told this kimchi has two different names that actually translate as "ponytail" or "bachelor" (or bachelor with a tail like a pony's?) kimchi, so the comparison is thoroughly embedded, but...if it is in fact a "bachelor" phallus, it's a one.

2. The geoduck, aka mirugai:

Did you know geoduck are more commonly found along the western coast of the US, and that as a sashimi item it's really a crossover import?

Ah...sushi...memories of my first waitressing job...the owner of the sushi bar would run these things under cold water to make them "stand up" and then run around poking the waitresses from behind, for example. Can't say sushi ain't classy...

3. The Dosa:

I've just made this comparison up myself , but I can't imagine there haven't already been Punjabs described as having "dosas with the mostas"? Alternately, one could say they'd just gotten a "punjab."

4. The Egg Roll:

Pretty much.

5. The Bowl Cut:

I believe it's called a Hapax Legomenon when a word or phrase occurs only once in the context of a single language, and since I have not seen reference to the bowl cut as resembling an erect circumcised dick anywhere else but in this manga, The Bowl Cut is not just an Asian phallus, it's a linguistic phenomenon.

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