Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Japan-America Film Relations

The news: Kristen Bell is going to be a leading voice on the Astro-Boy movie, and Dark Knight BOMBED in Japan.

Observation 1: I've been hearing about an American Astro-Boy movie for what feels like an eon. My anticipation of the film is as high as a Humboldt freshman, but my expectations are only as high as a carrot. I'm excited to see that the voice used to narrate a soap opera about teenage girls seeking acceptance by sucking on boners (Gossip Girl), is also playing the cryptically designated role of "voice" (imdb.com), in a movie about a cyborg toddler seeking acceptance by licking aliens.

But "voice" notwithstanding, there's no way Astro-Boy will live up to the expectations of the Japanese collective subconscious. I mean, imagine if the Japanese remade Mickey Mouse. It would take A LOT for it not to bomb. It would take...Hillary Duff?

And hence, Observation 2: Of COURSE Dark Knight bombed. It didn't have Hillary Duff...


Ming said...

As a kid I had the biggest crush on Astro Boy. Nothing can ever live up to the memories.

Anonymous said...

Hilary Duff makes Mickey an underage type of sexy