Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ladies First

Interesting NYTimes article about gender biased food service. (see below for link)
What I didn't realize is that those computerized server tablets let waiters/waitresses have "gender" line items, so that food is prepared and sent appropriately. i.e. Ladies first. The best part is, the designation is, in fact, "ladies." Like, old school chivlary in triplicate!

According to the piece, restaurants are trying to do away with the old school chivalry but then customers complain. "Ladies first!" [Can you imagine what that might sound like chanted by thousands at a Palin rally?]

Anyway, this being New York City, and myself having once been a waitress at a sushi bar in lesbian capital of California (Santa Cruz) I wondered, "what about gays and lesbians?"

Host to waiter: I put a two top at table 8.
Waiter to host: Ha! They definitely look like two "tops." But who do I serve first? I need there to be LADIES so I know what order to follow!!!
Host: Calm down. Just serve whichever one who says the bitchy thing about our salad dressing first.

Ladies First

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