Friday, January 23, 2009

Short notes on the Easy 10

I'm no film buff, and I've only been to advance screenings when asked to unchi on exoticist plotlines, but a film editor once told me, "anyone born in the last century can judge a good movie. Anyone." I'm taking that to heart when I talk about last night's Easy 10 showcase.

The event was fun. The gift bag was lame. Sorry Scion, but if you're going to waste natural resources making 3XL T-shirts that say "customize or die," why don't you just set fire to a pot of gasoline? (sigh) The Ugly T-shirt is the new postcard/flyer/sticker. At least you can recycle paper goods. What the heck am I going to do with a T-shirt the size of a sleeping bag with a dog on it?

It's telling that half of the featured short films last night were about music. Not complaining, of course. It wouldn't have made more sense for the films to be about dance, or cuisine, or... cars that look like baseball caps... God bless marketing the dissociative fugue. But popumentaries are always exercises in idolatry. I suppose "homage" is the better word to describe these films, as I did not really learn anything about music.

And I knew it would be good, but congratulations on Eric and Sheldon on a rad film really well done. Sheldon definitely blew everyone out of the water in direction, for my 2 cents. The subject (the Sumidagawa bums in Tokyo who've literally crafted a way of life along the river bank) was zen altogether. Made me think of deadbeat dads, and appropriately, left me at forgiving and pensive. Check out The Dwellers. (More from Eric)

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Anonymous said...

What're you talking about!? 3XL is the new uhmm... XL... I'm going to send you a picture.