Monday, February 2, 2009

Models... Tch...

I was in Murray Hill the other day and walked past this American Apparel storefront display. I did a slow double-take.
Anne thinks to self: Who EVER stands like that? What a stupid pose. American Apparel has totally lost its "realness."

Then I pictured myself in this physical stance...but it only makes sense if I'm really drunk and competing for a Vogue-ing prize. One of those things never happens, and so neither would the pose.

Then I took the 6 train up to Grand Central and came into the concourse, where VAIO was doing an interactive advertisement for a new notebook. Their installation was a dozen women in evening gowns and platinum blond wigs, striking ballroom poses with their notebooks.

You can't see it here, but one of the models eventually struck the American Apparel pose.

So there's your answer. Who strikes poses? Models. Duh.


Ed Sizemore said...

And pole dancers. Looks like a good pose for boosting tips.

Michelle said...

How did you do at that last battle at House of Ninja anyhow? I heard you really worked it out, but I didn't hear the final verdict from the runway.

ill iterate said...

Yeah. They said I was too "real" for them. Shouldna gotten that chest-reduction after all.

Deborah said...

The model was a problem, but those color combinations look like something I see in... my neighborhood.