Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's All Yours Now at the Sculpture Center in LIC

Last Sunday my friend Amy (always on the pulse of the NY Art Scene) took me to "It's All Yours Now," a pageant of art performances at the Sculputre Center in Long Island City. The show ranged from hackneyed symbolism (mute people draped in flags) to profound kitsch (genderless R&B vocalist), but the itinerary itself was nothing short of brilliant.

Behold, the last two performers on the bill:

Guggenheim fellow and gender-bending R&B vocalist, Kalup Linzy:

Followed by Nader Sadek, who organized a band of "who's who" in Black Metal.

...including the vocalist from Morbid Angel:

...and the bassist from Krallice:

Think about this. A gender-free black man crooning about "chunky nuts," "chewing gum," and a an asshole who won't give up his tight asshole, followed by Black Metal activism.

I knew something was abrewin' when I looked around the venue and saw a mostly Williamsburg hipster elite replete with Transformers-like resin glasses and asymetrical fawhawks, shadowed by the occasional black metal control. Basically... this guy:

Now I'm not saying one way or the other who's less tolerant of differing lifestyles (art fhegs or heshers), but you have to admit, would you have ever thought a tranny would be opening for a satanic throat singer? My inner bitch was secretly excited to see hipster ironic metal fandom confronted with true metal allegiance. The kind of allegiance that brings a Morbid Angel fan to Long Island City for an art show. I'm going to venture a guess that even promises of running into (insert random art celebrity) would not inspire an artster to attend a Morbid Angel concert.

But herein lay the genius of this lineup. I don't know about you, but the only two arena in which I've ever seen live male exhibitionism are High Art and the Metal/Noise scene. Maybe I'm the wrong case study, but check it:

Case 1: Jesus Lizard concert. Lead singer takes off his pants and starts flapping his "chewing gum."
Case 2: Reverend Jenny performance in Lower East Side. Viking-like man demonstrates a penis-pump on self.
Case 3: The Incapacitants concert. Lead singer pees on front row.
Case 4: It's All For You (Case in point). Witness the "dick tuck."


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