Friday, April 24, 2009

Newspapers will survive if they take out the news...and everything else, basically.

Whoever said the newspaper is dead hasn't been to a design fair lately. A noticeable trend in the Salone Milano has been the un-newspaper used to advertise designers (e.g. Tom Dixon), collectives (e.g. eco-designers), and even caucuses (e.g. furniture designers from Berlin). It's what the CD-Rom used to be. Recession chic, baby.

Still don't know how I feel about this though... The same industry responsible for the coffee table book--a book you don't have to read--is now publishing "the paper"--a newspaper without any news. I think it's brilliant communication design, in a manner of speaking. Unlike picture-postcards or the most experimental tote bags, a carefully worded headline will force you to "keep reading." Snapshots never last, but newsprint is even worse. You will feel less badly about throwing this biodegradable tabloid away, but won't be able to help yourself from reading (that is, if you know how to).

...or something like that.

And in related news, guess who else is starting a "paper"?

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