Monday, April 27, 2009

Pretty... pretty vapid.

To be sure, Craft/Punk was pretty. Honestly. Very well presented. And its curator, Ambra Medda, is the hot 29 year old internationalista everyone has a boner for right now. I am certainly just Mozart's Salieri...
But this attempt to make a Design (capital D) version of "Performance Art" was, well...dumb. This bougey borrowing of memes like "craft" and "punk" and "performative" is the equivalent of a Brian Austin Green rap album. No one was performing for more than five minutes at a time, and I'll grant they were probably pumping out the work on opening night, but by the last day of the installation when I attended, it was just people hobnobbing over Camparis.

Design isn't Art, and I know this now, more than ever, but the difference between Performance Art and Performance Design is that Chris Burden wouldn't have gotten up in the middle of a crucifixion to do cheek-kisses with an old friend.

Finally, I give thee tokenism:
Poor Sid...

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