Tuesday, April 21, 2009

T-shirt Contest #I stopped keeping track...

"We got everything at Whole Grain Supermarket, from apples to apricots."

"Acme Corporation addresses every market segment, from Austria to Belgium to Holland and Switzerland and beyond."

These are structurally identical but made-up versions of two sentences I've recently read.

I think it's important to remember that the original template for this cliché is "from A to Z." The Alpha and the Omega. The Yin and the Yang -- Spectrum, folks.


The first sentence was particularly annoying as it would have been so easy for the copywriter to say "everything from apples to zuccini."(Just take my word on this one.)

The second was a little more complicated, since the copywriter clearly couldn't dismiss the fact that there was no real spectrum to speak of. The breadth of their "A to Z" was more like "A to B."

This brings me to T-Shirt Contest #I stopped keeping track...

I've got it all.
Everything from A to B.

Tell me what you think the graphic ought to be. Maybe "A to B" isn't even the right alphabet spectrum. A to A?

PS: I swear on my mother I'm still working on the cucumber shirt btw, Jon in Hawai'i (who won that contest). I just haven't been able to come up with a graphic (I've been drawing and sourcing and well, just can't come up with it). A propos, if anyone wants to donate an illustration of Japanese cucumbers looking extra dong-y, you get the shirt too.


Anonymous said...

This one feels uninspired, Anne. Come now - get some sparks in your life! (not the flavored malt beverage cum energy drink)


ill iterate said...

You know, I actually agree, but it was so funny when I thought it, and I wanted to complain about the poor "spectrum metaphors" so... I dunno. Maybe I'll make a dumb Italy shirt (dumb shirt, not the Roman Empire).