Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tales From the Crypt: NYC Recession, Episode 2

Yesterday two different messengers came to the Museyon office, neither of them wearing any of the following:

a. walkie talkie
b. cuff around left pant leg to protect it from gears on their bike
c. beanie cap
d. messenger bag

I suspicion both of them were full-time employees for the delivering parties because they were wearing the following:

Messenger #1
a. necktie
b. pressed slacks
c. London Fog-style rain coat
d. a pin on his lapel

Messenger #2
a. pointy-toed heels
b. a clutch purse
c. BlackBerry with rhinestones
d. big flower pin on her head

To add to the recession-chic of these messengers, the first messenger asked me for a glass of water.

"Whew. That was some walk. I'm just parched. If you have a cup, I can just get it myself."

I was really sad to tell him our pipes are totally rotted and we never use the sink because the water is completely unpotable. He kept insisting we give him some water, and I kept explaining we really didn't have anything I could pour into a cup. Finally I just gave him the rest of my bottle.

Messenger: You sure?
Anne: Oh yeah, sure. That's some walk you got.

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