Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Stuff from Mom

More evidence my mom is rad, if a little cuckoo. Another package from her arrived from Japan today, and the insanity starts with the postage. This is just one quadrant of the actual postage, but she paid international parcel rates ENTIRELY IN STAMPS. This is: Flowers from Tokyo, some kind of palace, Utamaro, and Doraemon.

Contents: Mosquito repellent hanger strip (2), garden shears (2), a miniature scythe, dark chocolate (2), pencil lead, and...

long underwear.


Ed Sizemore said...

I love Doraemon stamp. All you need is to grow some mini-barley to harvest with your mini-scythe.

And yes your mom is truly rad. You get the best care packages.

ill iterate said...

Truly! "Mini-barley"!!!
I was thinking of putting a black cape on my hand and pretend to be coming after all the little critters in my backyard.

Anonymous said...

She didn't send you masks to protect you and others from all this pig flu stuff?