Friday, May 29, 2009

Organizational Experiment

I desperately need more desk. I recently moved what felt like twenty pounds of paper over to a filing unit I found on the street in Williamsburg (it's solid metal so no bed bug worries), and yet my desk is full of crap. So as an organizational experiment, I thought I'd list everything on said desk:

+"Fight or Flight" by Moira Hahn. (above)
+Framed picture of my sister asleep on a floor using one of her shoes as a pillow. (It's as funny as it sounds.)
+Framed picture of my mom on the beach.
+Framed picture of four different shots, circa college: me, a Wet Willie toy, Chris, Shin.
+Garbage Pail Kids: Ann Chovie, courtesy of Eric at Viz.
+Paper weight made of quartz I got from ex-boyfriend's aunt.
+Blackbird, Fly camera, courtesy of Nick at Powershovel.
+Eyeglass cleaner, courtesy of Coen's Optical.
+Rubber cement.
+Neutral pH Adhesive.
+Dinosaur fingerpuppet from ex-boyfriend.
+Pot of green tea. Cup.
+Americans UK CD, Rocktronic, courtesy of JTR3.
+PowerShovel mix CD.
+Phone bill.
+DMC Vol. 1, English
+DMC Vol. 7, Japanese
+Pile of receipts.
+Maybe Later, by Dupuy & Berberian, bartered from Peggy at D&Q.
+Cup of pens and pencils.
+Box of pens, stickers from my mom, birthday card, bookmark, Duracell batteries, paperclips.
+FM3 Buddha Machine, unbelievably gifted from Daniel Handler. (Yes, I just name-dropped, but if Lemony Snicket gave you a Buddha Machine you would too.)
+Framed picture of me and Matt canoeing, taken from top of adjacent mountain by an old couple of random hikers who later found us and offered to send said picture, who incidentally, are now pen pals of ours.
+Piece of quartz...from mother of aforementioned ex whose aunt gave me a quartz paperweight. (Yes, they are hippies)
+Tiger Balm, courtesy of Asia Kissko (real name).
+Figurines from "Salmonella Men From the Planet Porn"
+Paper cup filled with dried lavender from my yard.
+Air Plant Warrior Princess (I call her Theba) I made out of mini water bottle, plastic hands and sword (courtesy of Viz), and an air plant.
+Wallpaer City Guide to Milan.
+Mix CD by Douglas Wolk. (Self-Assessment)
+Empty vase.
+Astro-boy battery-powered fan.
+Astro-boy tin full of paperclips, staple remover, that doohicky that cuts through seams, a heart-shaped patch, thumb tacks, and a bluetooth for iPhones.
+Plastic box lid filled with business cards.
+Plastic box filled with even more business cards. (Do I ever refer to them? Surprisingly, very often.)
+Chambers Dictionary of Etymology, courtesy of yet another ex.
+Book holder filled with stamps, paperwork and Loups Garous by Natsuhiko Kyogoku.
+USB Speakers.
+MacBook Pro.
+BLADs for Museyon.
+Contract for an illustrator.
+Six pads of post-its.
+Cardboard coasters from various sources. (I love cardboard coasters)
+My shitty cell phone.
+A Compass-Thermometer.
+Notebook of Japanese terms I pick up while translating.
+Camel Lights. (I know, I know)
+Cheap glue.
+Tube of foundation I've never used.
+Needle and thread.
+Rebel Fux by Kate Huh.
+Roll of film.
+Evah Fan print, courtesy of essayist Michelle at Giant Robot.
+Full-length mirror covered in post-its.
+Alvin cutting mat.
+Diet Journal.
+Butterfly letter holder.
+Empty chawan and chopsticks from breakfast.

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Michelle said...

You have to clear more space on your desk so I can ravage you on top of it. I'm going to play some soothing sounds from the FM3 Buddha Machine, and tickle you with your finger puppet. After all the hotness goes down, I'm going to write a novella about it and post it on my blog.