Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why My Mother is Certifiably Awesome and Insane.

I got a birthday package from my mother today.
The contents: Birthday card packed in an envelope taped down with mini stickers and a picture of me.
Front of card: For my daughter on her birthday. I loved teaching you things when you were a little girl. Inside: But did you know how much I was learning from you? (Card goes on for another paragraph about growing into a woman) Signed, "Minah"

Anniversary card that my mother mis-construed as a parental love card. Front: Forever... Inside: That's how long I'll love you. Signed, "mom"
Musical birthday candle.

Three pairs of socks and a handkerchief.
Mosquito repellent incense with holder.
Seeds for alfalfa sprouts and cucumbers.
Mini Post-its.
and a funky cloth purse that she has clearly stolen from an onsen.
I love my mom.


Michelle said...

She and my mom should start a blog about how to buy gifts for daughters in other cities. I mostly get pajama pants and underwear.

lazysundae said...

i love her too. you know what i got? a $50 card for amazon (good) and 2...TWO copies of the shack which is a christian novel that doesn't even try to be sneaky about it.