Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chinatown Sticks

I somehow downed two pints while eating a hamburger with an old friend and got drunk. Realized I was in no shape to go on to the cmj show I planned on which would require drinking the rest of the day.

On my walk back home from the restaurant, a man approached me and this is the dialogue that proceeded:

Man: excuse me, could you hold this bag open? (Gives me a Dunkin Donuts bag) I need to take my donut out and put my coffee back in.
Anne: (confused but a little drunk) Sure.
(We keep walking, in the same direction)
Man: I like your shirt. Chinatown. It looks like you got it in Chinatown.
Anne: Thanks.
Man: Your hair too. You like you're from chinatown.
Anne: (silence)
Man: You eat with sticks?
Anne: Pardon?
Man: You know... (does scissor gesture with fingers)
Anne: Oh, sure.
Man: There's a chinese restaurant on Columbia with booths. You sit on one side, I sit on the other, we order food and talk. unless you like buffets.
Anne: (a little confused) That's nice.
Man: I want to learn how to eat with sticks.
Anne: It's really not hard.
Man: Yeah? My cousin eats with them like he was born that way. How long have you been eating with sticks?
Anne: I have no idea.
Man: I'm a construction worker. My name's Al. I work with a lot of chinese people. I'm in Chinatown all the time. What do you do?
Anne: I'm in publishing.
Man: You mean computers and stuff?
Anne: ... Yes.
Man: Are you married?
Anne: ... Yes.
Man: Well, this is where I turn. Into the projects. I bet you don't live in the projects. You're going past the park.
Anne: Yes.
Man: It was nice meeting you, Anne.
Anne: It was nice meeting you, Al.


Anonymous said...

stunning!! my heart melts for you.

)) <3 ((

Anonymous said...


you're not really married now, are you? Say it ain't so!

J-pop vs. Metal said...

^emoticon of farting into an ear?

Tragic. It is a nice shirt.