Monday, November 2, 2009

Carsick Cars Guests at Museyon Launch Party

Museyon Guides is having a launch party on Nov.4 (6-8pm) at Von (3 Bleecker, off Bowery) for the upcoming release of Museyon:Music+Travel.

12 Cities, 12 Scenes:

Addis Ababa, Ethiopop
Chicago, Jazz
Los Angeles county/Laurel Canyon, Country
Beijing, Experimental
Istanbul, Classical
Mumbai, Pop
Berlin, Electronica
Dublin, Punk
Buenos Aires, Cumbia
Paris, Hip-Hop
Melbourne, Art Rock
Moscow, Chanson

I'm gonna say it, but I'm more excited about the Music book than the Film trilogy, only because it's been curated down to 12 really choice experiences. The Film books are more like a history lesson. You can actually take Museyon: Music to your damned bucket list and come out blown away. This is not a diss on all the wonderful writing and photography and design in Film+Travel. Just that Music+Travel is more compact and episodic.

And as far as the launch party is concerned, you would be completely, absolutely, horribly remiss to ignore the opportunity to see members of Carsick Cars (Xiao He and Jeffray Zhang Shouwang) do a special performance before they go full out on their first North American tour.

If you haven't heard or heard of the Carsick Cars, you haven't been pretending to keep up with back issues of The Wire. And that's fine.

But let's put it this way: Carsick Cars will be for Beijing-NY relations what the Boredoms were for Japanese "noise" and the rest of us still pretending we've kept up reading The Wire. And you don't want to say you missed that chance.

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