Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mr. Mom

What's AMC's agenda this week, showing "Three Men and a Baby" and "Mr. Mom"? Whatever it is, God bless ye, AMC. I've come to the realization that Mr. Mom is The Greatest Film on Earth. Not "The Seven Samurai," not "Aliens," not "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari."
Not anything by Fellini, Tarkovsky, Ang or Spike Lee.
Screw the Nouvelle Vague.
Lars Von Trier can cut his own nub with rusty scissors.

Mr. Mom is the best film ever. It deserves a place in a permanent archive and Beetleman Michael Keaton's batjuice deserves an Oscar. I'm willing to go up against A.O. Scott on this.
(Placing nozzle of a .38 against Scott's temple) "Shhhh, A.O. Just repeat after me: Mr. Mom. Perfect film. Fin."

I mean, whatever happened to the accidental Mom-Dad/Man-Woman social comedy genre? Three Men and a Baby, Raising Arizona, Baby Boom, Mr. Mom, all came out in the 1980s. What have we had since? Dan in Real Life? Give me a break.

I know it's four months early but here's to dads. Go rent Mr. Mom and rub one out to Michael Keaton's eyebrows.

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