Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I like to ask people what they'd do with a million dollars. Everyone thinks they have an idea of what a million dollars would look like in their lives but they frequently undergauge. They'd pay off cars, houses, loans. But unless you already make millions, that won't even cost you half of the lottery you just won. After the dissolution they might want to start a business, take out someone (in both senses), or maybe just have Demi Moore swim in benjamins and make Woody Harrelson watch with a half-boner. So you're blowing 500k on Lame.

So what would you do with five thousand dollars? It's not really enough to do the big things. But maybe it would take care of your debts. Maybe it's your boyfriend's bail. One really lame purse. In other words, if you had to spend money frivolously and a million dollars just doesn't feel ethically frivolous, how about a fraction?



Anonymous said...

are we talking about a million before or after taxes? they take out a huge chunk of change so you may end up with a less than you plan to spend.

for 5 grand, i would probably invest it. something short term. i would like to see it grow a bit.

for a million after taxes, i would probably pay off the mortgage and buy another car. maybe spend any remaining money on a vacation.


Anonymous said...

part 2

after the car and mortgage, i would retire and use the rest to play the stock market like a crazy day trader.

if i made a lot of loot from investments then i would end up giving a lot more to charity. its fun to gain the money but i can't see myself hoarding so much when others are going without.


ill iterate said...

after taxes!
retirement sounds good. i was trying to bait people into admitting what they'd spend on frivolously, but assuming you're not over 50, retirement would be pretty frijoles.