Monday, March 8, 2010

Rehab. Re:up.

What a zonker of a month. TGINFA: Thank God It's Not February Anymore.

Travel. Lots of travel. It's become a sort of metaphor. "I been movin around a lot."

Between jetlag, gutrot and brainfreeze I'm sure I need a good month of rehabilitation. To wit, I'm going back on the Paleo Diet that ended a couple weeks ago. This time cutting down on me ole smokey treats and the mead and adding some productive R&R (as opposed to self-imposed exile). Wait patiently for heartache to grow up and leave the house.

Detox requires a certain environment and several rations. For example:

Canned wild salmon: $4 a can.
Omega-3 Supplements: $30
Other various mineral supps: $20
Organic and free-range/grassfed produce and meats: $50
2Lbs of coffee beans: $10
New coffeemaker (I now have three different coffee making systems sigh): $90
Mongolian expedition: $1500+
Spending money as defense mechanism: Priceless.

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