Monday, September 10, 2007

After some debate, I decided I would in fact post this entry about what I did this summer. You see, in Japanese school, everyone has to write a sakubun - kiddy essay - called "My Summer" when they get back from vacation. So,

My Summer, by Anne Ishii

This summer, I miraculously attended three weddings and a baby shower.
The first wedding was in Miami and a lot of people cried. It made me realize how weak and susceptible we are, to big groups of people saying "I love you." Also, to Florida.
The second wedding was in Los Angeles and a lot of people did not attend.
It made me realize wedding invitations are more like subpoenas. If you do not show up, there will be punishment.
After the second wedding, I hosted and attended my first baby shower. There was a lot of smoking and drinking taking place at this shower. The mother's last hurrah was seemingly our last hurrah.
The last wedding was not called a "wedding" because the couple, though straight, did not want to offend gay people who cannot get married. It was the funnest wedding...also the gayest.

What I learned from these experiences is that though you cannot put a price on love, throwing money at it proves newlyweds and parents really mean it. And as a friend, agreeing to be inconvenienced beyond normal standards proves you really mean it, and that when it comes to gifts, it really is not just the thought that counts. It's mostly the gift.


Ed said...

This isn't a real sakubun unless you provide a picture you drew about your most memorable experience... I don't know maybe you and the other baby showerers smoking would suffice.

And it better be in crayon.

Anonymous said...

as the vaginaed member of the straight pair who threw the gayest wedding you went to this summer, i just wanted to say that it's true what you wrote about putting out for your friends. when they feel your love for them, i mean feel-it-like-the-vibrations-of-a-snare-drum feel it, it totally makes them love you more.

ill iterate said...

heh heh."vaginaed"