Tuesday, September 11, 2007

There just isn't anything as delicious as ochazuke. There just isn't.

I just had some for lunch, using leftover brown rice from dinner last night, and a couple "kimchi chazuke" seasoning packets.

So, I got a ridiculously late start today in the midst of a series of what I call Reality DV (Dream Vision). Bear with the cutesy chessy language, will ya?

We all know that half-awake half-asleep dreamstate well, I'm sure. Well, since I started working from home, every morning I dream the first twenty minutes of my day and then wake up startled to discover those 20 minutes never took place. So the first time it was a banal dream that I'd just woken up, went to the bathroom, started a pot of coffee, etc. Then it turned into a sex dream involving intruders, and I woke up panicked. (Yes, the truth is I'm a 15 year old boy.)

Day two, same thing. Dreamt the beginning of the day and wasn't the wiser till another "intruder" dream startled me awake.


I've never had repetetive dreams like this, but I can think of a few things that might give it cause:

1. I'm a baby, and babies need lots of sleep and the morning dreams are a way of keeping me in bed another twenty minutes.

2. I'm a teenager and a wet dream is a wet dream by any other name.

3. I'm an adult and I'm permanently such and patterns/repetition/habits are the makings of any adult.

Now, from Kerim, another kind of unheimlicht:

Andy Warhol doing a Japanese tv ad in Japanese. I.e. Japandering.

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