Friday, September 21, 2007

The original Bathing Ape himself makes a New York appearance in Central Park this Saturday with his hip-hop crew (are they still called 'crew's?) Teriyaki Boyz.

NIGO® (A BATHING APE®) and his super crew the TERIYAKI BOYZ® have just landed in NYC for Saturday's NYTMF!!!

If you don’t know who the TERIYAKI BOYZ® are, they are Japan's Hip-hop All Star Team, the brainchild of the Japanese fashion designer NIGO® – mastermind behind the A BATHING APE® (BAPE) brand, who guides them as their executive producer, creative director and DJ.

More info here.

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ryan said...

I'm sitting here at my desk pre-coffee, and reading that I immediately started thinking:
Who the hell are the Teriyaki BOYZ®? My mindwheels started spinning trying to see if I could pluck that biographical detail out;

and VOILA!... the next paragraph JUMPS INTO ACTION:

"If you don’t know who the TERIYAKI BOYZ® are..."

That is called KNOWING YOUR AUDIENCE. You go, press release!