Tuesday, September 11, 2007

There's some praising going on at IHT over Shiseido's new ad campaign that hinges on one shocking precept:

That Japanese women are "now finally" self-confident.

Shiseido's new shampoo, Tsubaki, is advertised with one bold line:
Japanese women are beautiful
It supposedly follows in the tradition of "black is beautiful" and the new Dove commercials (though showcasing hot Japanese women in bikinis is kind of a joke compared to American women in underwear, fists resting on their slightly oversized hips).

So after reading this article and getting over the initial gag reflex of anyone having to point out that "little janie's all growed up and done gone become a woman," I finally got excited to see the ad.

The ad.
But for the horrible boy-band track it's nice. But the boy-band track! You're advertising woman power...why not foley it with a beautiful woman's voice? That's like shooting an ad for football with "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" playing on an organ.

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