Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Computer got away from me for a couple days there...I blame Ikea and a weather-shift related mild cold. But today I'm back in Long Beach CA...for work. Nice town, the LBC. How Warren G got lost here is any wonder to me. It's always beautiful and clear when I arrive...and generous! Ordered a cup of soup to go at the local cafe, and got a gallon-sized styrofoam cannister of root vegetables and squash cut only in half. For five bucks. It came with an empty hoagie ("bread on the side").

If anyone asks why, bigger is better for making fun of.

Speaking of ridicule, a friend wrote to me in response to my post about Adrian Tomine's Shortcomings. He said:

Ha! Reading this book made me remember all the uncomfortable moments I used to have when I was in a white/asian relationship. It was worse than reading old emails…

For reals, unnamed friend. For reals...

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