Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oh, you mean GAngs

One of the NPR carriers in LA is doing its fundraising drive right now; something I was forced privy to on my way through 40 minutes of mild traffic. The fundraising DJ's shtick was pretty simple: Don't you feel bad for listening to us FOR FREE?!

Ah...Jewish Mother's guilt strategy. Does it work?

Part of the commute led me past a behemoth of a Christian church. As I drove past it I exchanged glances between the dashboard radio and the glass building. A light bulb went off. What if NPR adopted the tithing model? Maybe if the DJ can convince people the members of the station will be subject to heresy until they give a 10th of their salary before taxes, more people would donate.

We're passing the offering plate around now, and remember: an ungiving radio-listener is a hell-bound one!

If you don't donate we'll tell everyone you're a Republican.

And then something funny happened. They finally aired the news. I had my window rolled down so I heard everything through windstream fuzz, but Barbara Feinstein was talking about anti-gang legislation. Thing was, through the windstream, I missed the last "ng" sound, forcing me to believe she was talking about anti-GAY legislation. Here's what she actually said:

For a long time gangs have been a West Coast phenomenon, but now we have them all over the East Coast too. We need to take measures to eradicate gangs.

I pretty much shit myself until I rolled the windows up.

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