Thursday, October 11, 2007

First it's dog food. Then it's barbie dolls and now it's pot pies and kid's cold medicine. Why does everything we don't need have to be unusable?! (Fists poised at God)

Only tangentially related, but I had a Seinfeldian realization today: China is the Ikea of the it forces me to wonder, how many children and pets have been killed by Ikea oversight and will Team Ikea ever issue a recall?

Speaking of China, I've been having nonstop conversations with people for the past couple of days about race relations and gender and well, basically all those things that made you go "whoah, this is like The Real World" back in your freshman year of college. Except it's much more pathetic when you're pushing 30 and saying, "whoah, this is like Grey's Anatomy."

But folks, it comes down to this:
Is WASP a non-offensive scientific term?
Also, Doris Lessing just won the Nobel Prize for Literature. She was born in Central Asia. Does this make her the first Asian woman to win the prize?

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