Thursday, October 11, 2007

What you should do this weekend.

I'm pretty sad to be missing SPX this year. (
Last year I went through the convention floor in a record 1.5 hours (not because I hate the DC-area that much...though I really am vehemently allergic to anything south of Delaware). I just happened to have over-scheduled myself that day. What's more, in that 1.5 hour timespan I spent over a hundred bucks.

Keeping in mind this was when I was still an official part of publishing, I spent that money buying self-published works that weren't part of the book exchange slightly larger publishers quietly partake in. I was paying for self-published, self-made work. And a lot of it.

In other words, if you're in or south of Delaware, 1. I'm sorry, and 2. go to SPX.
If you're lucky and are near BAMRose Cinema in Brooklyn, go see Soy Cuba (as in "I am Cuba," not a vegan homage to Miami Sound Machine). It's one of the best music-appreciation movies I've ever seen. Ever.
All's not lost in LA though. The Polysics (Japanese Devo) and Boris (Japanese amazing band...and GR main man Martin Wong's gonna be at the merch' table!) are playing this weekend (seperately). Also, there's a vinyl toy exhibition opening in Pasadena - Beyond Ultraman - tonight.

(sigh) more overscheduling...


Susie said...

Oh dammit, I'm missing the Polysics again. And I was just in SD yesterday.

At least I'm finding out about these shows a little before they happen rather than a month later.

BTW, I found out about your blog a month or so ago via Heidi's Beat. I've always liked your writing.

ill iterate said...

hey Susie-

(picture ricardo montalban) welcome.

if it makes you feel any better im probably going to miss them too.

Deborah said...

Dear Anne, I'm a fan of yours since your early Vertical newsletter days. I just submitted my first translation to Yani and have been enjoying the Vertical blog and flipping through its blog roll. I actually have a report on "constipation" (no lie) that I need to be translating at this moment, but as a northern CA expatriate, I enjoyed your comments about the freeways, the vegetable soup, and the NPR fundraisers. Here in Japan, we are forced to pay for public TV, no chance at guilt. I'll be checking in--and I'll always be available for sympathy about (1) spending too much on books and (2) being an outsider in whatever world, although there are a lot of good things about both, too. It just takes some getting used to! As for being at the end of your 20s, well, I can't remember back that far...I have a daughter facing 24 with under-employed horror! Deborah

deborah said...

oh, oh, and about that "freelancing"business, I went "freelance" a little over 20 years ago, and my husband (schoolteacher, I'll leave the math to you) and I are in the process of (successfully) putting our second child through college. You go, girl!