Monday, October 1, 2007

Lady balls

My mom sent me a bunch of golf balls because I started playing again after a "bad associations with Dad" hiatus of several years. What's more, she sent balls for girls and balls for boys...

The box of "Lady" balls reads, "Super soft...designed to minimize vibration and dampen shock through a player's hands at impact." (Dude, if your hand hurts so bad from the impact of a golf swing that you need a special ball, you have much more serious problems than being a lady. Namely, rheumatoid arthritis.)

The box of boy "Hyper Titanium" balls reads, "Straight Distance: For players looking to reduce hooks or slices" (To be fair, the box doesn't explicitly say it's for men, but this is definitely packaged for men.)

I almost understand why basketballs are different in the NBA and WNBA, but what could golf balls possibly benefit from being gendered? Seriously, answer me without sounding ridiculous.

BTW, go see Eastern Promises. Best fight scene I never saw.


Red Pooka said...

Cute colors?

ryan said...

Dude, eastern promises = kibbles 'n' bits.

So, what did you think of the insane voice-over intro and outro? weird, right?

ill iterate said...

red pooka-
i actually went chipping with my lady balls after posting this, and i have to admit that the bright blue ball was especially fun to hit. i'd ask, "did you see where my blue ball went?"

insane voice-over, yes. the last shot was especially haunting. the way he flips his tiled rosary? btw, what is that thing exactly? if someone's making square rosaries, i no longer hate rosaries.

Ed Sizemore said...

Anne, I've seen rosaries that use cubes instead of beads, I haven't seen any tile ones. You can probably find a tile or cube rosary at any good Catholic book store.